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Great blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich!

We really miss the Blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich at Mahi Nate’s.  It’s a small kitchen next to The Breakaway Cruises and Dirty Al’s . Casual outside seating with great food. Their menu will change from time to time and close early at 6:30 p.m. Really recommend this place! Look for the Blue Roof with the sign ‘ Deep Sea Fishing’.

April 3,2019

Next SpaceX Testing news!

Breakaway Cruises posted this ,”Want to be among the first to watch this first-hand? Come join Breakaway Cruises tonight for our first ever SpaceX Viewing Party. The engines will be test-fired again tonight at 8:00 pm. Our boat leaves the dock at 7:00; returning at 9:00. Only $25/person, but reservations are limited. Call 956-761-2212 to reserve your seat!!!!

April 4, 2019

Our Recent Visit to SPI

Having a relaxed dinner by the bay. What  beautiful sunset view we have!

Spring is definitely here! Our beach house has lots of Plumerias. They are already loaded with inflos. Will definitely be seeing lots of pretty blooms on our next visit.

People often ask: is the water warm enough to swim in? Answer is: depends on where you came from. I came across this chart with average water temperatures in South Padre Island throughout a year. You can decide for yourself what temperature you would prefer to swim in. Some do not like to swim in the warm water of July and August. They prefer to do Polar Bear Swims!

April 29,2019